Beautiful, talented and always overdressed!


Feminine, demure, a little bit austere, yet still sexy? That’s the mix you get from Razan Alazzouni’s creations. Razan’s work evokes old “Dior” glamour that emphasizes feminity and the return to overdessed dressing all day everyday! The girl is a genius. Razan mixes industrious fabrics with the most unlikely material to create her final look. […]



Those of you who have seen fashion sketches see the abstract images a designer conjures up in order to execute a vision. Recently in Art Basel Miami Beach a flurry of “sketchers” have traded the camera lens for pen and paper. I especially love Danny Robertson’s piece entitled “Chanel Girls”. The image depicts as the […]



So we land and my first stop, no joke, is Chanel rue Cambon. I hunt for the hidden treasure, when I’m directed by Jean Luc at rue Cambon to the Faubourg shop. After I close the deal with Cecile, and my heart flutters with joy and my bank is calling me to find out if […]