So we land and my first stop, no joke, is Chanel rue Cambon.

I hunt for the hidden treasure, when I’m directed by Jean Luc at rue Cambon to the Faubourg shop. After I close the deal with Cecile, and my heart flutters with joy and my bank is calling me to find out if the deal was legit I am free to do whatever now. So we take to the streets of Paris, but we needed to refuel so we stop for lunch at the beautifully located Marly over looking the Louvre Pyramids. As we continue along the Seine towards the Notre Dame, and the charming Ile St Louis, I find the most beautiful sight of the Pantheon. But my heart really stops when I enter the Jardin Luxembourg, it literally is the couture of all gardens. I am so in love with this place, the beauty of it all, the flowers and the purple sky.

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