Those of you who have seen fashion sketches see the abstract images a designer conjures up in order to execute a vision.

Recently in Art Basel Miami Beach a flurry of “sketchers” have traded the camera lens for pen and paper. I especially love Danny Robertson’s piece entitled “Chanel Girls”. The image depicts as the New York Times describes it “the stony demeanor of Mr. Lagerfeld’s mannequins, glowering, one imagines, behind outsize shades.”
Also check out Blue Logan’s sketches, a little more abstract than Robertson but still, hits the fashion spot.

3 thoughts on “Sketches

  1. hey there 🙂
    Im really interested in this image, googled the artist, but couldnt find him! 🙁
    do you know where I can get hold of this artist and if this image is for sale??

  2. Hi Aishah, I am not sure where you can purchase his work. But he was displayed in Art Basel Miami. Perhaps try contacting them? Hope this helps.

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