Heel or no heel, nothing in between

Overdressed is a fan of the higher things in life, i.e. a super high heel. High heels finish an outfit, make you stand taller a la Betty Draper, and give you the attitude you deserve. So, as you can see I am preaching “higher is better”.

Here are some of my favorites. The first is a Giambattista Valli pair which I have worn to death, but I need to soak my feet in warm water after I have taken them off. The second are Chanel from the Paris-Londres collection this is my “moment” shoe doesn’t always come out, but when it does it makes an appearance. Surprisingly unpainful too! The final one, yes, the classic Yves Saint Laurent Tribute. These are (call me crazy) are also comfortable, albeit slightly dangerous, i.e. make sure you have an arm in reach.

However, when you’ve spent the night (let us call it) “socialising”, and the burn has left your toes numb (wait, is this normal?) that is when I succumb to the flatter option. And when I say flat I mean really flat, not the painful kitten heel or a “functional” 4 inch heel-the type Michelle Obama has the misfortune of wearing.

Flat ballet pumps are so chic to wear (please only during the day) with dresses and skinny trousers and a long top. It’s very Jackie O minus the couture Dior dress. Here are some of my favorites as you can see they are quiet battered (evidence of many late nights). The first is a butter soft Lanvin pair, the second, Roger Vivier, these are legendary I love the snake skin, tortoise shell combination and of course, old faithful my Chanel ballerinas.

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