More is More

Overdressed overdresses everything! So, with that philosophy intact, plush interiors are my other weakness. Hence my love for this genius, American artist and design legend Tony Duquette.
His philosophy works perfectly in my world. So I say  let the extravagance begin with Tony Duquette’s book More is More. Duquette was known for his over-the-top style in interiors, jewelry, costumes, and set design.
This beautiful book has photos of the interior work Duquette has done as well as his jewelry, and also includes a foreword by Christian Dior designer John Galliano.  
On a more contemporary note, Kelly Wearstler is the ultimate trendsetter in interior decoration. Her style is a little Neo-French and there’s a lot of colour used, which Overdressed loves!  Her latest book Hue features private residences and her most recent hotel projects. A book that really makes you want to rip out interiors and replace them with the photos from Wearstler and Duquette!
Both books are available on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “More is More

  1. i dont know, i find kelly wearstler's style to be too "lets do a shoot for vogue". i feel that her interiors have only minimal harmony and she focuses more on sensation pieces and shock than creating an actual living space. its seems like all of her work acts more like a trendy backdrop for a photograph. but thats just my opinion.

  2. Mademoiselle Ghesquiere, I see where you're coming from re Wearstler. There is something about her original style that made her what she is. I do think she should stick to that rather than impress Vogue folk. N'est pas?

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