The Mother of all Gowns


When my Erdem AW 2008 delivery arrived, my heart nearly stopped at the sight of the Rumina dress. I couldn’t believe how imposing the yellow hand embroidered duchess silk satin was. The crystals sown on for extra embellishment and overdress-ness was just the right thing to make this piece alive!

The dress is absolute candy, I can’t think of a more beautiful concoction of colours and materials.

So overdressed-wish I could wear it to run errands!

5 thoughts on “The Mother of all Gowns

  1. Dareen, thank you! I would love to come see you in this dress!

    Zain, it is so special no photo would do it justice. I want to frame the dress!!

  2. Gorgeoussssssssssss!!!!! you look like you should be lying on a huge hammock in a tropical rainforest somewhere! i think everyone has a love affair with erdem. my favorite article of clothing is my cream lace minidress by erdem from spring 07 i think. TDF! again, you look amazing

  3. Miss Ghesquiere! Thank you for your lovely comment. This certainly is my favorite dress, amongst everything else Erdem! The guy is a genius! Cant wait to see what he has in store for AW! Will keep posted on more Erdem.



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