The striped pattern has been around for centuries, and mostly associated with sailors, but there is not a single pattern that I love more. Horizontal of course.

It is the chicest pattern to date and one of the first things Coco Chanel wore at Deauville. Fast forward to Chanel Cruise 2010 and stripes are still there and taking over.

Clean and crisp. A classic.

Here are two of my absolute favorites; of course Overdressed dresses everything up, not down, even the “casual” striped pattern.

This is an American Apparel top, which I have paired with a silk lined lace skirt made by Razan Alazzouni, and suede Prada shoes.

This one, is a Topshop cotton sweater which I also wore with a skirt Razan made (the colour according to Razan is “printing paper white”.) The shoes are red suede Louboutins from J Boutique.

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