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In 1987 my mother wore a beautiful emerald green dress embroidered with black sequins, once! As it has been wedding season I really wanted to wear it again, so, I got carte blanche from her to take it apart! I made it my mission to resurrect the beauty, it wasnt the simplest of tasks to make it “present” friendly. Nevertheless, it only took two fittings with the seamstress.

After some brainstorm with my visionary sister we agreed to take in the waist, shorten it to just right on the ankle and make the arm hole smaller. But to keep the 1987 spirit alive I left the shoulder for that structured look that is on every runway from Balmain to Topshop.

When I wore it, somehow it felt better than any brand new dress I’ve ever worn, it told a story, and felt so right. To quote a wedding guest “the most beautiful dress I’ve seen you wear!”
Here it is:

I wore it with black patent Prada shoes, from seasons ago (it remains the most faithful shoe) and accessorized it with fabric embellished earrings, also Prada.

To capitalise on this niche market of vintage dressing the ever stylish and beautiful PR Carmen Haid and fashion journalist Alice Kodell established your Net-a-Porter to vintage dressing. The site is vintage heaven, it carries everything from accessories to gowns.

The website is easy to navigate and has a “style me” function that allows you to view items available in your size. They even have Chanel on there! Sign up for their newsletter to keep updated with their events which they very glamoursly hold at different destinations. What could be better?!

6 thoughts on “Vintage Dressing

  1. Lujain: no need to be rude darling.
    overdressed: The dress is fantastic! You look like princess jasmine meets one of Om Kalthoum's friends in Cairo in the 1940s. and the colour and line goes spectacularly with the style of the beading!

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