The Wild West


After Dior’s equestrian couture show, Overdressed decides to pull this frock out of the closet. Meters of French silk satin fall to the floor, yet you can’t help but be reminded of a good western when you see this dress. Maybe it’s the colour, or maybe it’s the cut, whatever it is though it feels […]

Animal Instincts


What comes first? Crystal embellishment or animal print (leopard to be exact)? Whichever it maybe, Overdressed loves them both just as much. When it comes to leopard though, a Dior or a 1990s Dolce and Gabbana are so hard to resist. Having said that, and with the thought of the Dior Cruise 2010 leopard print […]

Red Herring


Red alone is one way to divert attention to oneself, red and navy blue lace…that’s a fairytale diversion. This far from subtle top and skirt from Erdem makes you live a 1,000 dreams. Overdressed loves the way it feels and makes her feel. Anyone in need of attention diversion, call Overdressed and tell her to […]