Who doesnt love to dress up in costume? Overdressed certainly does and she dresses those costumes up!
This ‘wetsuit’ looking Prada top, looks and feels unconventional, yet it is my ‘goes with everything top’ that makes me look like a surfer pro!
Erdem made this silk print dress with the zipper meaning to be in the back, but the dress looks much less uptight with the zipper worn in the front! The exposed heavy zipper makes the dress feel totally industrial, and if Overdressed were to operate heavy machinery, she would wear that!

5 thoughts on “Costume

  1. Lujain, nice to hear from you again.

    Overdressed is Erdem's biggest fan. As for accessories, Overdressed lets the clothes speak for themselves…and she prefers diamonds.

  2. clothes are flattering especially fine fabrics, and most importantly the CUT and fit of the dress…however, i feel that only couture can speak for itself enough to not have Any accessorizing xx

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