J’adore l’elegance!


You can’t help but stare, especially when ladies are so well suited up at boring occasions like the opening ceremony of Credit Suisse. One stylish attendee caught Overdressed eye, wearing a Chanel jacket, Valentino blouse, Prada skirt, lace peep toe Louboutin, and the killer piece…a structured off white (ecru) crocodile bag. The aspiration, ladies, is […]



A colour that’s so hard to describe, yet has a name so specific that you will do no wrong in describing it. Ecru, is the new obsession. It is not white, grey, or beige, rather it is an amalgamation of all three. Mostly found on lace this soft colour is a perfect spring staple, mixed […]


Overdressed ran into this uber cool android outfit. So effortlessly (and unknowingly) put together to resemble a robotic look off the autumn winter catwalks of Paris. The look consists of stone wash Lanvin suit, intelligently paired with a black mother of pearl bib necklace, an Hermes Kelly clutch, and Hermes shoes.  Pure genius really.