Bvlgari, making history


If you have been stunned by Julianne Moore’s recent Bvlgari campaigns wait until you get your hands on this book Between Eternity and History: Bvlgari from 1884 to 2009: 125 Years of Italian Jewels.

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You will have your heart’s content of emeralads, rubies and sapphires and the way they have been crafted to mimic art. The book comemorates 125 years of Bvlgari’s craftsmenship, as did an exhibition held in Rome’s Il Palazzo delle Esposizioni celebrating the Italian jewelers legacy.

The piece that really blew every other item out of the water are these pear shaped Colombian emerald earrings weighing in at 52.86 and 62.32 carats. It’s enough that Overdressed melts at the sight of emeralds…but these…really, chapeau!

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6 thoughts on “Bvlgari, making history

  1. I didn't think I loved Bvlgari until i saw the "non commercial/non affordable" pieces! Buccellati is beautiful, it has something quiet medieval about it.

  2. ya srrs their commercial stuff is so boring they look like spare parts from a hospital. i could never understand why people buy them. and about buccellati, their jewelry always makes me feel like the world is soft and creamy and everything is swirling in this whirlwind of Italianate elegance (i know im so dramatic)!

  3. I cannot stand that B Zero 1 collection-certainly looks like hospital spare parts!!

    Nothing wrong with having a vividly dramatic imagination about jewels, if that is as close as you can get to them now 🙂

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