The great debate: Perspex Heel


Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, and Stella McCartney have all joined the perspex heel/shoe bandwagon.

However, are we going to continue holding on to the stigma that they are “stripper shoes”? A very stylish girl was seen around town in a  transparent blue heel-Overdressed was impressed! Until that thought was shattered by a man’s voice saying: “she needs to know that perspex is code for stripper”.

Well, fashion waits for no one, and Overdressed shall be getting on to the perspex bandwagon too by exposing herself all the way out of the bank with these Fendi heels from net-a-porter.

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4 thoughts on “The great debate: Perspex Heel

  1. the Pradas are KILL.ER but the wait list is ridiculous! and that guy obviously has no idea where modern aesthetics are going so his opinion doesn't count. actually one of my shoe fantasies is to have a giant wedge heel with pink water or gel in it and a metallic blue plastic fish!

  2. Prada wants to take a tumble (again?)!

    So the verdict is that these shoes are a no go, I got the following comments: they're cheap looking, they're not useful, and the best one "if wear them don't walk with me."

    Miss Ghesquiere, you shoes fantasy is colourful!

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