Ring me!

We have taken a healthy obsession to finger decoration.

By that we mean one giant statement ring (preferably on index finer) in a deliciously vibrant colour.

So when Overdressed came across these Pomellato rings from the Arabesque collection her heart skipped a beat!


They are perfect, in matte rose gold with prasiolite, amethyst, rock crystal, rock crystal and smoky quartz.

So beautiful, timeless and chic.

2 thoughts on “Ring me!

  1. hello. you are my more conservative soul mate! i love pomellato! and the thing is its so underappreciated in the cartier and (kill me) chopard-saturated gulf. there is a completely uncontrived elegance and italian fluidity to their designs that is what makes jewelry jewelry for me. thanks for validating the fact that i have good taste 😀

  2. Miss Ghesquiere, I agree Pomellato is under appreciated, especially next to the much abused Alhambra jewels!

    Pomellato is so fantastically creative. Nevertheless, we find a loophole to stay chic and unique.

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