We debated the Fendi “Stripper” shoe, now on to something on the other end of the spectrum, the “Milk Maid” shoe.

Although we would enslave ourselves for anything and everything Chanel, but those clogs…Really?

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The entire Chanel Spring/Summer collection has been so well received especially the rafia, the crocheting, and the hay like cotton bags, but are we really going to turn ourselves into milk maids?

Curious to know what you think, as Overdressed is taking the high road on this one.

2 thoughts on “Clogged

  1. I happen to like the milk maid look… it reminds me of marie antoinette who built herself a nice delusional organic cottage town and started dressing like a peasant, and said let them eat cake while she reached for the bordeaux and champagne …
    i'll run with the milk maid look…

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