Dianor: Your Golden Face

We can’t think of anything more opulent than gold. Now think of it on your face and lips…Mind you this is not the gold hue you’ve seen on the market, but this is real 24 carat “Versaille” style gold.

Paris-based Antoine Quesnel-Rene is the man behind, Dianor and golding us girls up!  

The gold infused beauty line finds its inspiration from the Roman goddess of women, Diana, and Or, the golden element. 

The venture started with a range of lip glosses in five shades to match every skin tone and season. There’s Rose for summer, Prune for winter, and Beige, Carmin and Nude for everything in between.

But there’s more! We were lucky enough to test Dianor’s next product out in June, an all over  highlighter available in yellow and white gold. We fell instantly in love as it adds the right amount of sparkle to the face in particular the eyes.

What you can get with sparkling eyes is endless…

Dianor lip gloss retails EUR48
Contact sales@dianor.fr or overdressed@theoverdressed.com 

Visit www.dianor.fr for more information

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