Erdem: The Interview

Erdem, one of our favorite designers, never fails to impress and always leaves the fashion crowd gasping in awe of his creations. Here we interview the award winning designer about his beautiful Monet inspired fall winter collection, the Erdem girl and his future plans!
Overdressed: To us, both you and Monet are artists, how are you able to translate one form of art into another without compromising its beauty and accessibility?

Erdem Moralioglu: My work is an organic process, and something that happens quite naturally.

OD: You have the ability to stay true to your aesthetic, every season your Erdem girl evolves. What is the Erdem girl’s underlying ideology?

EM: The Erdem Girl is someone who is independent and strong yet still feminine. She really marches to the beat of her own drum.

OD: What sets you apart from many is your use of ultra luxurious material and your printed silks. What process do you go through to make a print? And would you push the boundaries of printing to include printing on another luxurious fabric like lace?

EM: I’m really inspired by everything: my friends, books, art, music, women, travel… I take that inspiration and translate it into my work. I like the idea of mixing innovation with textiles and fabrics, so yes; I would consider printing on lace. Any kind of cloth is a canvas and a new direction for experimentation.

OD: As an avid Erdem fan you know I’m overdressed. How are you able to marry beauty and functionality-well, overdressed functionality?

EM: I leave that up to the wearer, being underdressed or overdressed is about how you wear it.

OD: Finally, you introduced pre-fall collection this year to your ready to wear line, what we are dying to know, is couture in your future?

EM: The future feels very bright and exciting!

OD: We’re glad to hear! 

Meanwhile, we picked out of favorite look from Erdem’s spring summer 2011 collection!

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