Guy Bourdin

Its been a while since we posted about our favorite home accessory: the coffee table book.
This one in particular is quiet special, Guy Bourdin has been hailed as one of the greatest fashion photographers of all time. His career was launched when he was introduced by an editor of Vogue to Charles Jourdan, subsequently, Bourdin shot most of Jourdan’s campaigns between 1967 and 1981 followed by a series of commissions for Chanel, Issey Miyake, and Versace.
His work, although less known to the general public than his colleague at the time Helmut Newton, set out the stage for fashion photographers of this day and age to recreate themes built on his inspirations from Man Ray and Balthus. Some quiet controversial and disturbing, others sad Bourdin’s themes were a result of his childhood, which in return created work that is unrivalled.

Cover of Guy Bourdin by Alison Gingeras & Guy Bourdin, Phaidon 2001
In Between by Guy Bourdin 2010
In the end though fashion and photography are a marriage of completion. Photography sets the scene to make fashion accessible, dramatic and desirable. 
So really, what is fashion without photography, and what is fashion photography without fashion?
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