Police Line up: are you the real criminal?

Counterfeits, where do we start with them? 
We live in times that are driven by wanting and needing things that are above and beyond our means and capabilities. This drives people to go to unimaginable lengths to be accepted by society, to be the same, to have that coveted ‘status’. 
So much so that people are willing to commit a criminal offense by participating in the counterfeits market.

Photo Credit: Plhong Flores for theoverdressed.com

Police Line Up: who’s the criminal?

There’s been so much copying of designers bags but unfortunately Hermes’ Birkin has been a counterfeiters dream product because he thrives on the fact that you are unable to pay/wait for a real one! This is not the worst thing that could happen to you! Whatever happened to being different and having your own style? Whatever happened to loving something nameless just because it is beautiful? Why have we all become conformists to society?

On another note, whatever happened to dressing your age? The reason the counterfeits market is so big (and successful) is that every single 25 year old wants a Birkin…REALLY…if you’re not 40, for the love god do not carry a Birkin you just look like you’re trying so hard!

The point is ladies don’t steal, paying for a counterfeit product is essentially stealing in disguise. There’s so much beauty in the world, just open your eyes a little more and try a little harder. Fashion is fun, but dont be blindly guided by trends and dont be saddened by the fact that you dont own something, because somewhere along the line you will eventually own a Birkin, and a real one for that matter.

Bringing counterfeits to the attention of theoverdressed.com readers has been the idea of a girl who tells it like it is, Miss Ghesquiere of http://theoniomaniac.blogspot.com/ Thank you Miss G!

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