Overdressed curates Green Bar Rosewater Launch

It was the perfect mix of fashion and beauty when Green Bar launched its Middle East Rosewater collection at Sufana Boutique Moda Mall.

Mannequin dressed in one shoulder rose dress by Au Nom de la Rose

The rose scented day was buzzing with curious women wanting to know more about the new addition to the addictive organic beauty brand. Featuring rose waters from Morocco, Turkey and Oman, Green Bar’s Reem Al Khalifa was busy explaining the benefits of using organic rosewater as a natural astringent and more importantly it being a product of the region that is naturally extravagant!

Green Bar’s Rosewater Collection

Packaged Rosewater Collection 

Meanwhile, Overdressed curated the shop floor, displays, and windows. Schumacher, Missioni, Hotel Particulier, and Red Valentino were just some of the brands we had at hand  to play with and style some very beautiful shoppers!

So what does one wear to an event that boasts such floral beauty? A hand embroidered Razan Alazzouni creation, that’s what.

Dress worn with polka dotted Spanx tights, and Prada shoes.Razan Alazzouni collection stocked at Sufana Boutique

Many thanks to Sufana and our wonderful guests. Thanks to Rozan Ahmed, PR extraordinaire, for her invaluable help and support. Thanks to Shaikha, Aysha, and Nichola Saunders for all their Green Bar help and most importantly thank you to my beautiful mother for having the best taste on the planet!

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