Heritage is something everyone wants to hold on to, but sometimes it can be a little heavy incorporating something like a “Mirtahsha” into our daily lives, right? Wrong!
Arabulous, is a concept created by sisters Lulwa and Munira Al Khalifa, which incorporates heritage into the 21st century. The sisters are both artists in their own right one is a dreamy creator the other an executor.
Munira, the dreamy one, says “we came up with the idea because we have a rich and opulent culture that cannot be forgotten just because it’s dated to be wearing something like a heavy gold necklace or a gold dagger as casual wear.” Lulwa, the executor, adds that “I have experience making national awareness t-shirts as a graduation project for my degree in graphic design, so it was natural to come up with further concepts to put Bahrain’s beautiful heritage forward and translate it into an urban environment.”
So what started as a little oh-my-god-that’s-so-cute-can-I-have-one project to Lulwa and Munira sitting in a pile of t-shirts selecting the best cotton to print and print and print to meet everybody’s desire to put Bahrain forward.
And although it may not be your grandmother’s “mirtahsha” what could be more fabulous than flaunting a 21st century version everyday? Totally fabulous Arabulous!
T-shirts are sold at Bon Bon Al Aali Mall and cost BD 17.000 (that’s nothing for a gold necklace)

Arabulous will also be at Market 338 on Thursday November 24 from 5pm to 10pm and on Friday November 25 from 3pm to 10pm on Friday

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