Talents of Arabia: Razan Al Azzouni

Before an official collection even came into existence we loved Razan Al Azzouni’s work as is evident from the tag that is attributed to her right here
Now, four collections later, we can’t say that we’ve changed our mind. In fact her work just keeps getting better and better. The proof is in her latest Fall Winter 2012 collection.
We have the pleasure of being the very first to photograph these gems. So sit back, relax and enjoy bits of a collection that will take you by storm.
First though, a background. Razan attended The School of Museum of Fine Arts and TUFTS University in Boston, Massachusetts. While there, Razan studied sculpture, screen-printing, and paper making. It is not a coincidence then that Razan treats designing clothes as a form of sculpture. Her focus is shape, and femininity.
For this collection specifically, Razan found inspiration in the 18th century as is evident from the silver embroidery dressed up with tiny pearls! Razan wanted to liven up winter colours with something more “happy” hence the pastel palette used in parallel with rich winter materials like organza and velvet.
We’ve chosen key pieces from the collection below, it is by no means a complete picture of the brilliance of the whole thing nevertheless, it is so breathtakingly enjoyable!

For orders and inquiries contact sales@razanalazzouni.com 

Photography by Plhong Flores @PlhongFlores

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