The Anti-Hoarder

We go by this mantra “there is no room in life for junk” hence our vigorous spring cleaning attitude. And to us “spring” comes every 3 months, this entails clearing out closets and getting rid of things that have not been used in the last season.
Don’t get us wrong we are not saying get rid of your McQueen, the McQueen stays, the 8 month old Zara dress, the old H & M swim wear, and yellowed white shirts must go! Papers, receipts, make up are also included!
Our spring cleaning territory is limited only to the Overdressed closet. This time however, while the parents are away we managed to clear out the entire house! And in doing so we came across something quiet beautiful, a white Ferre broderie anglaise bomber and mini skirt which was worn at the age of 7 (some time ago now!).

Although it is inexcusable to find something that old, we agree that the outfit is definitely Overdressed enough for us to wear today!

You might even be tempted to keep it, but your spring cleaning will only be successful if you do not attach sentimental value to objects, memories must remain in your head. Happy cleaning!

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