Combining Art and Fashion: Calligraphy Dress

The world of calligraphy flows with rich forms and shapes. It’s an art that has circled the world due to its intricacy and beauty.

So much so that Qumar 14 has a made a dress boasting silver embroidered Arabic letters. Not only does it look three dimensional it is! The letters pop out and the silver threads shine brightly in the sun light!

The amazing thing about the dress is its versatility, complete with elbow skimming sleeves and stopping just at the knee you can wear it to just about any occasion, be it day or night. 

Once you’ve belted the dress at the waist add your shoe of choice. High heels or flats? You know what we’d go for!

To purchase your own Qumar 14  piece and to immerse yourself in art and fashion, be sure to visit Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait from April 29 to May 1st, 2012. See all the details below, happy shopping!

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