Overdressed Corporate: Closing deals, moving mountains…

This is for the working woman, one UBS VP in particular who has asked us many months ago to do an Overdressed work wear post.
So without further ado we give you, Overdressed Corporate, the woman who closes deals and moves mountains yet looks great no matter what! Didn’t Marget Thatcher look foxy her whole time in office? She did! And so should you!

Here’s how. First and foremost keep it respectful (even slightly prudish), then keep it super basic.

Here we wear, black H&M cap sleeved fitted dress, covered up with a white Tara Jarmon jacket from Sufana Boutique. To show them you mean business, accessories speak louder than words, especially Prada accessories. The shoes are super versatile, black patent “we mean business pumps” paired with a wild yet sophisticated bag which will hold more than your keys and Hermes notebook and will translate well for after work outings!

Don’t be shy, show them you can look great and mean business, show them the Margret Thatcher in you!

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