In love with lilac

As you know we love bringing old treasures back to life, especially if they belong to our mother hence coining the term “vintage mama” which technically doesn’t really mean it’s vintage more than it means that our mother used to wear it and now doesn’t!

Either way, a cry of sheer delight was let out when we found this skirt neatly folded in the depths of a closet. It’s so beautiful in all it’s floral glory, and beaded lace trimming a total sugar confection dream come true!

was quickly granted for us to do what what we wish with the skirt, so
it got nipped and tucked in all the right places to make it 2012 appropriate! We obviously failed miserably in trying to dress the skirt down (like really failed) so the only and better option was to dress it up!

Our love of lilac came in totally handy because it seems like this crepe de chine Prada shirt is exactly what the skirt needed, a marriage made in pastel heaven! 

The shirt with it’s cap sleeves and little front and back collars is made even more delightful with button details down the back.

We are so hoping that our love for lilac will bring about many more heart fluttering outfits to go with “vintage mama” finds that we will never get tired of!

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