Boots in Beirut

Beirut is a magical city, there’s something in the air that just mesmerizes you. Is it the mosque and the church sitting side by side, or the salty sea air, or the fact that “tikram aiynik” is just a standard phrase that for you anything goes?

In fact, it is everything. Everything in and around Beirut is heart stoppingly charming and beautiful. Included in the Beirut love affair are its beautiful old buildings with the large french windows, high ceilings and Phoenician tiles. 

We couldnt resist the beauty, and charm of this stunning apartment, it’s more about the apartment than it is the outfit, it has to be! Look at those tiles, they’re so overdressed!

Our Jimmy Choo boots got most of the
attention alongside the tiles, and because we also had to be fair to
Victoria Beckham we placed her dress strategically between the shutters
of a balcony over looking Saifi Village. As much as we loved being in the apartment though, there’s nothing more soul enriching than walking the streets of Beirut in boots!

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