The Overdressed Wedding Dress

Making a choice on who will make your wedding dress, how it will be made and what will it look like are daunting questions posed by every bride to be.

Lucky for us though, we didn’t need to look too far to answer those questions. Without even considering anyone else we asked the talented young Saudi designer Razan Alazzouni to make THE dress.

Six months and two fittings later, we had the most magnificent bridal couture dress ever made! It was a fantasy creation of layers of tulle, lace, beading, pleats and pure talent all poured into a white wedding dress.

As for the cut of the dress, it seemed as though Razan had made a hundred other wedding dresses in her lifetime because it fit like a glove, it was literally fastened on. Not many brides could say this, but because it fit so well, it allowed for graceful movement and lots and lots of dancing!

The photos of the dress speak for themselves, thank you Razan!

Photo by Loredana Mantello
Photo by Loredana Mantello


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