She does not cease to amaze: Sofia Al Asfoor

Last May we featured Bahraini hand bag designer, Sofia Al Asfoor for the very first time right here on The Overdressed. Since last year Sofia has been busy creating, making and nurturing her love of luxury, consequently launching a one of a kind stunning Exotic Shield hand bag in charcoal ostrich skin along with a matching wallet complete with its own set of pyramids! 
The Exotic Shield, is a masterpiece
that will distinguish the beholder timelessly, specifically the one featured below. It is one of one, meaning for those of you who revel at the thought of exclusivity, you will be the only one with this bag and wallet in the whole universe! The wallet is hand crafted to perfection, and because Sofia is all about practicality this wallet has all the right components for it to be “the very luxurious practical thing that goes everywhere with you.” 

Exotic Shield handbag and wallet in charcoal ostrich skin are currently sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue Bahrain.

Also available at Saks Fifth Avenue Bahrain are three stunning Classic Shield handbags in Sofia’s signature blue, along with a newly developed forest green shade.

We have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of one of the most talked about elements of Sofia’s bag, the pyramid. Last time we spoke she was in the process of creating a pyramid clutch! It sounded so otherworldly but it’s really something and now it’s finally here: the Cluster Shield. This clutch is magnificent, really and truly. But don’t rush out to get it just yet, as it will be launching later this summer.

The Borla is another handbag that will also launch later in the year, its size is perfect for the 20something girl on the run! The cherry colour makes it bold and unwavering, whoever said we need not be? That’s what the Borla is all about, steadfastly cool!

When we said Sofia has been busy creating we really mean she’s been busy, not just making handbags, but accessories too! Cardholders, wallets, key chains and iPad cases, all with pyramids so everyone can get a piece of the Sofia Al Asfoor pie.

If this is everything Sofia has created in the short span of one year, we certainly were right in saying she’s here to climb up the handbag world one pyramid at a time! Well done, you make Bahrain proud!

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