Block 338’s Public Art Exhibit: Alwan 338

Strolling the streets of Adliya’s block 338 is always fun. There’s a vibe in this quarter of Bahrain that makes you feel like you’re a bohemian. Somewhat cobblestone streets and the air of art gives one the sense of being in the rive gauche, oh the rive gauche. Maybe not quiet that, but anyways, you get the point. Its a beautiful area of interconnected little streets and alleys where one can actually enjoy a sunny afternoon stroll while looking at art which is publicly displayed on walls, buildings, and even lamp posts! 
This particular public art venture, Alwan 338, was organised and executed by the amazing Al Riwaq Gallery. This is probably the most forward thinking gallery in Bahrain with an amazing selection of contemporary national and international artists. The fundamental thing about Al Riwaq is that they always involve the public in their art. Alwan 338 is an exhibit that will run for four weeks, so we took the opportunity to stroll the streets of Adliya and capture some artistic moments. 
Starting up we came across these flamboyant “Upside Down Men” by Bahraini artist Mohammed Sharkawy. 

This was a fun instillation, which may have gone by the name of “No strings attached”. The instillation covered a large area in coloured rope! You couldnt help but feel like they were laser beams which had to be dodged!

This is a favorite, a piece by Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass called Humanae. The artist matches skin tones with Pantone shades, and we are obsessed with Pantone! As is evident we found our perfect Pantone match: Pantone 67-5C no?

This piece by Spanish artist Mercedes Gonzales deGaray is spot on. Let’s not deny the fact that this is exactly how we as Arabs are perceived, chilling like a villain!
If you’re in Bahrain, dont miss this, and if you’re not you should be here, because Alwan 338 a must! We are definitely going back to re-visit, The Lab-Bahrain instillation.

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