Katrantzou Kaleidoscope

Where does one start in the fabulous world of Mary Katrantzou? The art, the detail, the shape, or better yet, the sculpture of her garments, are all elements that make one sit down and pay attention. We have to go back in time just a little bit to understand why Katrantzou makes such fabulous prints and textiles. 
Katrantzou’s father was a textile engineer meaning he converted fiber into yarn then to fabric, and then textile! Which is where Ms. Katrantzou comes into play full force with one of the most prominent elements of her clothing, the trompe l’oeil digital prints.

Armed with a degree in architecture from Central Saint Martins and a course in Master Fashion Textiles Katrantzou’s got the winning streak in making mesmerising prints that one gravitates towards. Not only does she create fabulous digital prints of oversized jewels and interiors, Katrantzou can sculpt a dress into stunning shapes like this cap sleeved creation.
The thing with a Katrantzou creation is where ever you look and whatever you see there’s always something new to discover which makes wearing a Katrantzou piece similar to looking into a kaleidoscope.

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