Bountiful Beauty: Bali

a recent trip to Bali we were exposed to the most beautiful, sights, sounds and
tastes of the enchanting East!
Immersing ourselves properly in Balinese culture we tried not to leave any stone unturned, which meant hours and hours traveling from coast to coast in cars and boats in search of beautiful white sand beaches.
journey took us to the untouched beauty of Dreamland Beach. The place was
magical, the water a mystical shade of blue, the way blue is supposed to be! Days
came to an end watching sunsets, one of which was seen from the top of the Uluwatu
Temple located on a cliff.
boat ride took us to Gili Island, the most beautiful of remote little islands
where the only mode of transport was horse and carriage or bicycles! Then you
knew it was time for a meal of grilled seafood as the sea would creep in land
and the scorching rays that leave your skin blisteringly warm and brown would
set behind a mountain away from Gili.

isn’t just sea and sand, Bali is the imposingly green mountains and rain
forests of Ubud, which took us to the Comoshambala Estate. The grounds of
Comoshambala were luscious shades of green, everything was green, from the
natural spring water to the valley and mountains surrounding it. 
Bali is a magical place to say the least, not so much a place to be overdressed in appearance but in spirit. One’s spirit becomes refreshed and renewed after seeing so much of such mystical beauty and charm.
Makasih Bali!!!

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