Motel Mexicola


in Bali, we happened upon a beautiful Mexican restaurant, Motel Mexicola, in a
state of hunger and anger (i.e. hanger, because hunger causes anger).
spirits were immediately lifted as we walked into this stunning place that was
buzzing with life, lights, atmosphere, and eye wateringly gorgeous food! Walking
past a shrine lit with candles, each candle dripping a mountain of wax on
pictures of old souls, we were quickly seated on a bright yellow dinning table
with a giant fan strategically placed above us for instant breeze.
eyes wandered our stomachs growled. Though Gabriela Bhaskar, talented fashion
photographer, and I quickly forgot our hunger as our minds switched to the fact
that this is a beautiful place for a photo shoot! Blue walls, harlequin
patterns, tropical coloured fabrics, patterned tiles and most importantly a
neon signs spelling out the words “Taqueria” Gabriela knew she had to take her
camera out!
let the men order the food while we quickly gulped our mega thirst busting baby
coconuts while exploring the many patterns, colours and gory art.

now full of tasty coconut water, I quickly obliged to Gabriela’s orders, stand
here, stand there, look away, look at me! Wearing all my recent Balinese
purchases, a neon yellow skirt with botanical prints  from a charming shop and a turquoise necklace from the
market in Seminyak Square, I was glad to be island overdressed at Motel
Gabriela Bhaskar
Location: Motel Mexicola, Bali

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