Overdressed Face at Purple Patchouli

The whole concept behind The Overdressed, is to always give yourself the best. The very best of everything, be it material to drape yourself with, a beautiful view to look at, a good conversation for a beautiful mind, or just drinking your morning coffee out of the nicest Danish porcelain you can get your hands on. Essentially, being overdressed means always treating yourself to the best life has to offer.
Do we all take the time to enjoy, relax and unwind everyday? No. Do we treat our skin with love and kindness? What with all the sun, laser, makeup, wax, threading…the answer is no.
So, Mariam Abdulrahim, of Purple Patchouli, called me one afternoon to tell me she’s hosting an event launching brand new products to my favorite little spa in Bahrain, and informing me that she had booked me with a representative of Intraceuticals for a trial facial and a debrief about the technology. 

For the longest time, I had heard of this Intraceuticals but never really found the time to try it. When I arrived at Purple Patchouli, I had no idea what the treatment was going to be like, and that’s when I was introduced to Sharon, the Intraceuticals representative.
She sat me down and explained the concept of the brand. They administer their mega serum into the lower layers of the skin by way of oxygen blasts. The little machine blasts pure oxygen into your face carrying the serum into the bottom layers of the skin. It’s pure genius!
After the lovely chat I had with Sharon, I was whisked away by Marie Claire for my very first Intraceutical treatment. The Rejuvinate serum was used on half my face (for immediate before and after feel-I did go back to get the other half of my face done) as I always complain of an uneven complexion.
The effect was immediately evident, I was shocked that this is what a little oxygen and magic serum can do to my face. Not just that, but because Purple Patchouli was hosting a launch event, I was very generously given a goodie bag with the Intraceuticals home follow up kit which consists of the Rejuvenate serum used during the facial, cleansing gel, hydration gel and a moisture binding finish and other products that were launched during the event, including whole lot of Dermalogica cleansers and Jane Iredale mineral make up. I’m officially a product junkie!
The Intraceutical treatment can be used on all skin types, whatever your concerns are, whether it’s aging, preventative, acne or scarring, there are three types of treatments available: Rejuvenate, Opulence and Clarity. Visit Intraceuticals.com to read about each one and get yourself to Purple Patchouli ASAP for a life changing treatment!

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