Hawanem: Bahrain’s Best Kept Secret

“Go straight until the road ends, turn left at the round about, take the first right, go past the speed bum, and then turn left again” Where are we?!
Welcome ladies to the wonderful world of Hawanem, Bahrain’s best kept secret!

It’s a delightful world of cheerful fabrics, gold coins and really wonderful genuinely Bahraini, island people.

Two bright ladies started the brand in 2011 in response to the massive depression we all fell through when our beautiful little island was under a black cloud. Rather than delve into depression, these powerful ladies brought back island sunshine. They got up, got dressed and made fabulous kaftans and holiday clothes for women who love life!

Our visit to their by appointment workshop was so fun and pleasurable as we got to play dress up with all the sold out clothing! We didnt walk away empty handed, lucky for us, the only remaining kaftan was a beautiful long sleeved emerald green jalabiya, which is way to cool to be left in the closet for a whole year until next Ramadan. This Hawanem kaftan is coming with us on our next holiday, because Hawanem makes happy clothes, for good times.

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