Natural Island Goodness

We too often say we wish were here or there, anywhere but where we are. Truth be told that where you are is one of the most beautiful and untouched, places in the world.

Case in point, Bahrain, all you have to do is a look a little farther and a little harder to find things that you’ve never before seen in your life!

Since Bahrain is an island it has many little mounds of land near by which appear and disappear with the tides, we docked ourselves near one of these lands where the water was crystal clear and the sand as white as snow. You cannot help but pinch yourself because it’s too beautiful to be true, like images of the Maldives right here at home!
Staying true to our Overdressed island living we wore a dress by Viva Vena, Vena Cava, Eugenia Kim fedora and gold Prada sandals that we did not need!
It was a
beautiful day out at sea, a reminder that collectively we need to protect and nurture the enviorment. Do
not leave your garbage and non-biodegradable trash behind all you’re doing is
harming yourself and your future. And may we one day stop dredging and land filling. Amen.

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