Shrimpton Couture: Oscar de la Renta 1960s Vintage Couture

Nothing is as rich and unique as wearing vintage, so when a beautiful overdressed friend urged us to contact vintage queen Shrimpton Couture, we took her overdressed advice in a heartbeat and were left in awe of Shrimpton’s collection of treasures on
We were on a mission, as we needed a beautiful summery evening dress to wear to our beloved friends’ outdoor wedding, and although we were very distracted oohing and aahing at the treasures that were on the site, Cherie, founder and owner of Shrimpton Couture was precise, concise, and knew just what we needed for the night. 
Cherie dedicated herself to our case, a few suggestions and a couple of email exchanges later, the magical blue and gold 1960s Oscar de la Renta couture dress emerges, and it was love, love, love at first site.

“It is a special type of really unusual textured organza” writes Cherie of the dress, “it has a really textured feel to it and has a slight starched feeling
to it holds its shape. Onto this, gold thread has been worked in to highlight
the vibrant screened on design. The pattern is fantastic – blues, greens and
purples flowers are everywhere, with shots of hot pink, done on a deep blue
backdrop. The upper bodice is fitted and has a extravagant ruffled collar. It also has its original wide
matching fabric sash belt!”

With that description, and Cherie’s images, we were sold! Two days later, the dress arrives in Bahrain all the way from Canada. When we received it, it was even more beautiful, more rich and more overdressed than the pictures depict, and we couldn’t help noticing how shockingly light the fabric is too!
We styled the dress with vintage gold bangles, gold Cariter earrings, a boxy Chanel hangbag and our brand new Christian Louboutin Pigalles (finally we have Pigalles).

The night, the dress, the wedding were nothing less than magical, everything sparked under the April moon shine.

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