Talents of Arabia: Liudmila Women’s Luxury Footwear

When my friend Najeeba Hayat, told me she had planned to abandon her future in politics, I hugged her really tight and said “thank god, you’re too fabulous anyways!”

“So what, what do you see in your future?” I ask, she says…SHOES as she plunges into my pool. 

The next two hours immersed in water under the summer sun we talk shoes, Cineralla’s shoes (not the glass slipper), salmon, floral appliques and lavender boots, it all sounded like a dream, and now it is a dream come true.

I’m fiercely proud of her, and incredibly honored to know someone so passionate and hard working.

Liudmila Footwear is entirely made in Italy and will be available in Al Othman next season. Meanwhile you can follow them on instagram @liudmilahq

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