Louis Vuitton: Malletage

For his first Louis Vuitton fashion show Nicolas Ghesquiere, found inspiration in the original Louis Vuitton trunk in the form of the distinctive pattern inside Louis Vuitton’s signature travel trunks, created through the Malletage technique.

This ancient Malletage technique consisted in threads of ribbons applied to the interiors of the trunk lids through a ‘taping’ technique which created a diamond pattern.


Nicolas Ghesquiere said: “Louis Vuitton refreshes the world of Fashion with an untiring ebb and flow of retrospective and fresh perspective”. The Malletage story is about combining the past and the future using traditional patterns with innovative materials.

Ghesquiere’s modern take on the Malletage technique is found on the Doc Bag, Pouchette Flap, and our all time favorite Alma BB.

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