TheOverdressed Turns Five!

This December TheOverdressed celebrates turning five years old! We decided to celebrate our fifth year by celebrating our opulently lavish rich Bahraini culture which has provided me with a great deal of inspiration over the years in overdressing.
My grandparents and great-grandparents were the kings and queens of opulence; they would be dripping in gold jewellery and embroidery on a given Tuesday. I decided to put together the full “overdressed” Bahraini look with the help of my aunts who loaned me their magnificent old gold!I chose my grandfather’s very lavish palm tree garden as a scene for the shoot because this is exactly what Bahrain looked like in the older days, every corner was overdressed in palm trees, banana trees, mango trees, the list goes on, yes we are a desert island but we are also a miracle of nature!
This fifth year has been an especially fulfilling year for The Overdressed, hosting two hugely successful Pop Ups for, being selected by Louis Vuitton to be the first and only Arab blogger to enter the magical world of the heritage filled French maison, and of course our mega project The Overdressed Pavilion at Jewellery Arabia, where we hosted a selection of seven unique jewellers and watch makers showing for the very first time in this unique format which has not been done before by anyone in the world!
None of those things however, could be done without the support of my family. My parents who believe that anything can be done and I should do it regardless of my doubts, my sisters and brother who encourage me to come up with crazy ideas, and my husband who manages my brain and crazy ideas turning them into realistic possibilities!
I also owe much of what I do to my irreplaceable friends, who don’t allow a single moment of doubt to cross my brain ever, and whose encouragement and support I’d be lost without.
And of course, and especially, all my wonderful Overdressed followers who come up to me with their smiling faces and tell me how much they love The Overdressed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for priceless moments like these and for appreciating what I do.
Wishing you all eternal health (#OverdressYourInsides), happiness and love.

Photography by the amazing  Mai Al Moataz

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  1. Goodmorning,Buongiorno Dana…this post is Great!…beautiful photos and an Outfit that is a stunning work of Ar…Breathtaking…cheers!

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