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We are so excited to be back and posting-welcome to the new theoverdressed.com! There’s much catching up to do, and a whole lot of new information on the new site for your perusal, but before we go any further, here’s a much needed style post.

You may all know by now the Milan-based, Kuwaiti-designed footwear brand that is Liudmila. Inspired by cartoon characters and a whole lot of fantasy, the brand was launched in 2013. Now this isn’t your average footwear brand, it’s a brand that will give you what your shoe fantasies are made of, it’s wild, it’s crazy, but it’s also comfortable.

When there’s comfort involved you know that there’s a woman behind the brand, and what a woman Najeeba Hayat is! After abandoning a career in politics (thank god) Hayat learned the craft of shoe making studying at the Ars Sutoria school in Milan. One weekend in Bahrain visiting yours truly and a swimming pool conversation later, there was still no name for this yet to be sailormoon inspired brand. The name Liudmila came after reading Russian author, Fyodor Sologub’s The Petty Demon (1907), and was transported by the fantasies of the book’s eccentric heroine, Liudmila Rutilova. So what do the shoes look like?! Well, we happen to be one of the lucky few who landed a pair of the most coveted Singapores from Liudmila’s AW2014 collection.

Liudmila Singapore booties in black suede

Liudmila Singapore booties in black suede

To give the Singapore’s their much deserved spot in the lime light, we styled them with Australia’s coolest brand C/MEO Collective from FSHNBNKR. A site that homes Australia’s coolest, under the radar, clothing brands.



Now all that edginess aside, we all know the classicism wins our hearts over all the time, so with that in mind we added an Erdem tweed vest and a deliciously black Hermes clutch to complete the look.


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