Partners and Affiliates

Dana Al Khalifa is a board member of ThinkInc Foundation. ThinkInc Foundation is a UK charity registered under the name Think Inc Foundation CIO (registered charity number: 1,159,323), based in Bahrain, and is entirely funded by the generosity of its donors.

ThinkInc Foundation provides funding directly to families in Bahrain to subsidize their autistic child’s ABA Therapy services. The sponsorship funds can be used to pay for any certified ABA therapy anywhere in the Gulf. Currently, there is only one center in Bahrain offering certified ABA therapy, but there are other options in the neighboring countries as well as the possibility of hiring private therapists.

ThinkInc Foundation is currently working on improving its model to help more children more efficiently. Its goal is to be registered as a local charity in addition to being a UK charity, so that it can operate its own Thinkinc Foundation ABA Therapy Center in Bahrain, offering certified ABA therapy services exclusively to Foundation children.