TheOverdressed Pavilion

Since the inception of TheOverdressed as a blog in 2009 we have worked tirelessly into cultivating a brand that has become the trusted go-to social media platform for anything beautiful, refined or “overdressed”. Therefore for TheOverdressed Pavilion, we have transformed this confidence that we’ve achieved through our social media channels and interactions, into the jewelry industry which at first glance is intimidating and lacks a lot of guidance.

What we did for TheOverdressed Pavilion is make the electronic physical; we curate a selection of jewellers ranging across countries and continents and gather them under one roof for a five day event at Jewellery Arabia, the largest and most prestigious retail jewellery exhibition in the Middle East. This provides us and our jewellers with the opportunity to present what we love in physical form, and it gives our jewellers the opportunity to meet their followers first hand, who eventually become clients of those jewellers.

By bringing together everything TheOverdressed loves to our followers we became a platform that connects people across borders, enabling the jewelry savvy to find brands theywould not otherwise find in this part of the world. Essentially, we have created a whole new customer base that launched from this platform.

For this we are being referenced in our region as a new business model that has not been established in this set up before.

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